Ben Lebovitz


In our nations greatest times existed a true American spirit, that brought the people together and grew our country.

Today we're bringing that spirit back.


The youth has come together to create something truly incredible for our country. Times may be challenging, but through hardships there is an opportunity to come together and unite for America's rebuild. As artists, designers, developers, photographers, writers, musicians, and friends, we've come to together to show that a brighter future can be made in America.

We want to supply the American Dreamers of today and tomorrow with the highest quality, Made in America products to show that this generation is Young&United. 

Creative Direction and Design
Sean Metcalf
Ben Lebovitz

Photography and Art Direction
Ben Lebovitz

Development - Patrick Hoydar
Leather Goods - Mika Bector
Animation Title - James Mabery
Final CC - Joe Ball
Second Camera
Mike Cooke
Dru Phillips
Editing - Ben Lebovitz