Ben Lebovitz

Verizon Destination Store

Verizon destination store section lifestyle films. Passive films that helped showcase how featured products by category became more relatable to a lifestyle – a new way to showcase products for the telcom giant.


The Content

We filmed 12 unique stories highlighting everyday products in everyday people's lives, and how they help them accomplish their goals. The stories range from a young musician growing up to become a rockstar to an aspiring dancer preparing for her biggest audition. These films are displayed on large 12 ft LCD walls to catch the attention of every passerby who enters the new Verizon Destination Store.

 Most telecom retailers treat smart accessories as uninspiring commodities. We helped Verizon create a new customer journey—an interactive playground that empowers customers by entertaining, engaging and educating. Ultimately, they’re changing brand perception by making Verizon the go-to destination for the mobile life. 


Role: Art Director

Client: Verizon

Agency: AKQA

World Retail Awards
2014 Store Design of the Year <1200sqm

Additional Credits:
Michelle Lassman – Creative Director
Daniel Smith - ACD / Motion
Kristin Kelly - Senior Copywriter
Ben Lattimer - Agency Producer
Kerry Shaw Brown - Director
Rascal & Rogues - Line Production