Ben Lebovitz

Jordan Hangar

Jordan Hangar created to invite up-and-coming high school stars to step into the latest performance shoes and experience a rigorous test of skills to quantify their stats and prepare for scouts. 


Interactive Installation - Kinect

The Jordan Hangar is designed to be a offseason training home with local high school games and product testings + releases.

The Insight

Jordan shoes are known for their style, but not always their performance. The truth is the performance in Jordan shoes top most all other brands. But Jordan nephews historically view Jordan's not as a gameplay shoe but for their style alone. 

The Solution

Allow Nephews to experience the performance shoes through a training drill that helps them understand which Jordan performance shoe is best for their style of play. Using Kinect technology we test Nephews on their Vertical Jump, Ball handling, Speed and Agility. 


The Hackathon

Jordan brand was interested in bringing an interactive experience into their new "Jordan Hangar" in Los Angles. They came to AKQA to initiate a one-week "hackathon" which teams came up with many concepts and functional prototypes. We moved forward with one of the ideas, and combined some other ideas into this interactive training experience - "The Cube", along with an engaging user journey inside the Jordan Hangar.

Role: Art Director / Team Coach

Client: Jordan

Agency: AKQA